Northern Ireland Number Plates

Northern Ireland Number Plates.

A northern ireland number plate is a number plate that has been issued in northern ireland in one of the following counties or city's  ;







Derry / Londonderry.

The following table shows you which letters are issued by each County / City.

Code County or City Code County or City Code County or City
AZ Belfast IL Fermanagh SZ Down
BZ Down IW County Londonderry TZ Belfast
CZ Belfast JI Tyrone UI City of Derry
DZ Antrim JZ Down UZ Belfast
EZ Belfast KZ Antrim VZ Tyrone
FZ Belfast LZ Armagh WZ Belfast
GZ Belfast MZ Belfast XI Belfast
HZ Tyrone NZ County Londonderry XZ Armagh
IA Antrim OI Belfast YZ County Londonderry
IB Armagh OZ Belfast QNI Cars with indeterminate age, kit cars.
IG Fermanagh PZ Belfast LTZ Buses built in Northern Ireland
for Transport for London
IJ Down RZ Antrim


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